Implementing Your Plan

Plans are simply “dreams” until put into action. By mentoring clients we help them to take action on the strategies in their plan to get results.

The first step of moving from inertia to action affects many clients. A good plan breaks action steps into realistic and time bounded steps to achieve results. All require action by the client with our help.

After action is measuring results and changing behaviors on saving, investing and spending on lifestyle as next steps. By measuring results we become aware of behavior, and how to modify it to get the results needed for financial security.

We define success in retirement planning by the achievement of goals. Many clients have commented how they feel less stressed and more confident about their future through implementing their plans with the help of the Financial Mentor.

An annual review of results and success helps clients make incremental changes to their plan to continue on their long-term goal for financial security. Unforeseen events and economic issues beyond their control affect the action plan. Changes to assumptions may cause your plan to change in the annual review.

While we keep a long-term perspective we cannot ignore short term changes to circumstance including health, employment or lifestyle cost changes.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

There are new trends in retirement and working after retirement that you need to consider. We can discuss these trends at our first meeting.

The first partner discussions often focus on cash flow management before and after retirement begins.