Our Process

Learn about Our Process and what we’ve learned in our many years of experience in financial planning:

New Client Process

Russell Todd limits new client engagements as part of his personal plan for retirement transition. TFM will prepare customized retirement income security plans, wealth management… read more

Tailored Security Planning

Clients have a strong need and interest in Retirement Income Security, followed by advice on managing their Investments and wealth management strategies. As we age… read more

What We’ve Learned

We have learned over time that real wealth and security in retirement comes from other things more important than money.  Good Health: Personal well-being key elements include… read more

Planning – the Critical First Step

Experience has taught us that a written financial plan is the critical first step to future lifelong financial security. This plan takes into account your belief… read more

Reports and Projections

Retirement Planning reports are tailored to client needs identified in their consulting agreement. We use guidelines for financial plan preparation developed by the Institute of… read more

Implementing Your Plan

Plans are simply “dreams” until put into action. By mentoring clients we help them to take action on the strategies in their plan to get… read more

Key Steps in Retirement Transition

When preparing for retirement the last 10 years prior is the time to begin preparations. Experience teaches that ‘time flies faster’ as you approach retirement! Now… read more

Tailored Consulting Agreements

In every case consulting services are tailored to client needs and written into our Consulting Engagement Agreement. Often clients start addressing one need and progress… read more

Ready to Take the Next Step?

There are new trends in retirement and working after retirement that you need to consider. We can discuss these trends at our first meeting.

The first partner discussions often focus on cash flow management before and after retirement begins.