TFM Financial Management Inc.

History and Background

TFM and The Financial Mentor is a fee-only financial planning firm developed by Russell Todd in Calgary.

TFM originally provided financial management services to international fashion models in the 1980s. We withdrew from this practice to focus on retirement planning needs for clients of Todd & Associates. This practice merged with another fee only planning firm in 2009. At that point I decided to transition into my own retirement plan.

From 1992 to 2014+ I also facilitated corporate workshops in Western Canada, in affiliation The Financial Education Institute of Canada.  We focused on pre-retirement lifestyle planning and financial self-management skills training for employees. These workshops were personally satisfying through helping employees create a positive perspective to their impending retirement, both challenging and rewarding.


The Financial Mentor – The Beginnings

In 2012 Russell Todd began mentoring individuals seeking to become professional financial planners as well as mentoring clients wanting ongoing guidance from an unbiased planner.

The Financial Mentor recognizes that life is a journey, with constant change providing opportunity and challenges to myself and my clients. The journey includes green grass blue skies and a path that will change going forward.

In 2014 TFM created a new business brand to reflect this evolution of our mindset to mentoring.



Our new logo reflects the three elements of importance – green grass, blue skies, and a winding road in the future – all part of the journey, not the destination.

As a professional financial planning firm we believe all elements are needed for success:

  1. The plan,
  2. Implementation of plan strategies designed to meet client needs,
  3. Ongoing monitoring and measurement of results for clients and their families.

But we also recognize the financial security is only one part of personal happiness and success.

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We look forward to meeting you and discussing your current financial circumstances as well as the solutions we can provide.