The Financial Mentor – Unbiased Financial Advice

Helping you make sense of your financial journey.

TFM Financial Management Inc. (TFM) is a fee-only financial planning firm in Calgary Alberta. We provide clients unbiased advice in all aspects of retirement security planning.

Our mentoring and strategies helps clients attain their goals for retirement income security working with cost-effective wealth management services from qualified investment professionals. We assess for our clients the optimal investment services from investment firms.

We help clients prepare and update estate planning strategies and documents plus aid in gifting and philanthropic planning.

While designing a PLAN for financial security is the first step, implementing the plan and maintaining the impetus is what ‘the financial mentor’ provides as the next step.

We believe the PLAN identifies client needs while MENTORING ensures success through implementation and regular reviews of programs and progress made.

As life creates change for clients, so does our ongoing advice as The Financial Mentor.

Planning Advice

Making your plan is the most critical part of ensuring your future independence and financial security.  Our expert advice will help you forge a path towards a comfortable and sustainable retirement.

Putting It All Together

Once you have your plan staked out, implementing it is critical to your success.  We help you to connect the pieces necessary to move forward through your journey into retirement with confidence.


Our mentoring and oversight can help you achieve your retirement goals, by collaborating with you to measure your progress towards your financial milestones.

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